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Kentucky Golf Features

Bright Leaf is family-owned and features all the amenities associated with a luxurious resort -- swimming, a modern health club and fine dining. Being family owned allows us to provide a country club experience at affordable prices.  Bright Leaf is located right in the heart of Kentucky's beautiful bluegrass region.

At Bright Leaf, we have some of the best golf in the region. Our resort features 36 holes, including a 9 hole par 3 course that is equipped with lights allowing you the opportunity to play beyond sunset. The facility combines convenience and history. At the resort, your accommodations, golf and restaurant will all be within walking distance. Meanwhile, the course is located in historic Harrodsburg.

Bright Leaf's history dates back to 1945, when Buck bought the farm for $16,500. In 1963, he added the first nine holes. A few years later, he added the motel, which has grown into the family-friendly hotel still hosting guests today. Buck passed away in 1997 at the ripe age of 91, but he left behind five generations to continue the traditions of excellence and hospitality at his beloved Central Kentucky golf course.  

All of this is underscored by our knowledgeable staff's commitment to hospitality and service. It's like we always say, "hospitality is our best asset." Bright Leaf also offers affordable golf packages, that include combinations of golf, food, cart usage and more. Truly, Bright Leaf aims to serve our players -- just like we have for 50 years.